How to open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is default Internet browser for Windows 10. If you like Internet Explorer and still wanted to use it in Windows 10, then this article will guide you how to open Internet Explorer in Windows 10 and how you can make it as default Internet browser. Even you can pin it to Start Menu or Taskbar for easy access.

Open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

In Search bar beside the Start Menu, type internet explorer and the desired results will get appeared.

By clicking on it, it will open Microsoft Internet Explorer.

open internet explorer in windows 10

Pin Internet Explorer icon to Windows 10 Start or Taskbar

Right click on the Internet Explorer icon and select Pin to Start or Pin to taskbar (Show in Fig) and the IE icon will get pinned as you desired.

pin to start in windows 10

Set Internet Explorer as default browser in Windows 10

If you want to set the Internet Explorer as your default browser then, go to Internet Options > Program Tab > Internet Programs > Set Program. Control Panel window will get open. Now you can set Internet Explorer as the default browser under Set your Default Programs applet.

This is the easy way by which you can open Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10, and pin it to your Start Menu or Taskbar for easy access and set it as your default browser.

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