How To Get Help in Windows 10

Here we have listed the five easy methods or ways on How To Get help in Windows 10. You may find Microsoft Windows 10 operating system difficult initially but as we understand it is not complicated as Microsoft Windows 8.

Microsoft keeps trying to help Windows 10 users in many alternate ways. For the users which seems it difficult to getting help in Windows 10, here is a quick and simple guide to access help in Windows 10.

There are few ways we can get help in Windows 10, read this article to understand them all. Let’s see how to get help in Windows 10 from Microsoft help and support.

how to get help in windows - step by step tutorial

In this Windows 10 tutorial, we will be describe you the five different methods to get answers to your questions or issues.

In this Free Windows 10 beginners guide webiste, we have tried to explain each and every step in the very easy way with the help of screenshots and Step By Step instructions for using these free tools to get help in Windows 10.

Method 1: CORTANA – Best tool to help you in learning Windows 10

One of best, most talked about feature introduced by Microsoft is Windows 10 is CORTANA, If you are not aware about Cortana in Windows 10 then here we explain you in short.

It is like your Virtual Personal Assistant who will answer almost all your Windows 10 operating related queries or questions. You do not need to explicitly set up Cortana for Windows 10 as it is pre-installed in the operating system, you just need to enable Cortana in Windows 10.

Technically, CORTANA also work as search engine of your computer, you just start typing anything in it, and it will show all related results about your search term. Even you can put any question or query, you will get answer immediately.

Yes, you can also use voice commands in CORTANA if you are feeling too lazy to type, you should have a microphone connected to your system to give the voice command.

Just type what you are looking for in the “Ask me anything” bar.

Let’s say you are wondering where is settings in Windows 10 just type “settings” or speak it through your Mic and in no time Cortana will display the result.

Method 2: Microsoft Windows 10 Support

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft also started the free chat and telephonic support for the Windows 10 users which are facing issues while operating it.

You can use this support for major issues for which Cortana is unable to help you. For Microsoft Windows 10 users comfort, they integrated the free support option in the OS.

To find the “Contact Support” app pre-installed on your computer/laptop just go to Cortana and type “Contact support” and then click on the best match first result.

Here you can choose most suitable option out of the three. If you are looking for any technical assistance for your Windows 10 operating system or any other Microsoft product that you have.

You can click the “Services and apps” and then follow the instructions. To get to the Technical Support click Services & Apps > Windows > Technical Support and choose from the options provided.

Method 3: Microsoft Support Forums

Microsoft Forums is a place where other Windows users volunteer asking questions and getting answered by the other community members. In these forums, you can find various ways on how to use Windows 10 tutorial.

This is an excellent way to solve your issue or clear your doubt, just post your question in the forum and someone will reply to it. You can too answer other people questions on this forum.

This is how forums work, sharing knowledge with each other. You can go here to access Windows Users Forum.

As said earlier there are also many Windows 10 tutorial by Microsoft on the Microsoft official website where you can easily get help in Windows 10.

Method 4: Get help from Microsoft Stores

If you can drive a few kms, you can easily find Microsoft Stores In US nearby you. You can also directly go there and get your issue fixed, or your question answered.

The Microsoft employees will be happy to help you. Maybe you are trying to upgrade to Windows 10 but have doubt if it wipes your data out or break your system, you can go to the Microsoft Store near you, and they will upgrade your system to Windows 10.

Remember Windows 10 is free for the users who are already on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Method 5: Get Help in Windows 10

Type “get help” in Cortana search bar and click on “Get Help” tab to connect with Virtual Agent. If it is unable to solve your issue, you may directly connect to live agent for immediate help. You can chat or schedule a call to save your time waiting in the queue with the free Microsoft customer care.

So here, we have published an easy step-by-step Windows 10 tutorials for beginners with the screenshots to help them.

These are the five easy methods on how to get help in Windows 10. I hope you like this best to understand tutorial. If you have any questions or doubts feel free to comment below, and we will try reply immediately.

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