How To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10

How to change screen resolution in windows 10 would be the big question for first time user of Windows 10, here you get the simplified answer. The Screen resolution or Display resolution refers to the clarity of the text and images displayed on your screen. At higher resolutions, such as 1600 x 1200 pixels, items appear sharper. They also appear smaller so more items can fit on the screen. At lower resolutions, texts and images started appearing larger, but less number of items fit on the display.

When you install Windows 10, it automatically installs your graphic drivers and sets the recommended screen resolution fit to the screen. Even if graphic drivers are installed manually, it works like a charm. But sometimes the high resolution Games or Windows software like 3ds Max, Maya won’t work with the default resolution. For that you have to change screen resolution. So now we will show, how to change screen resolution in windows 10.

We have noticed in Windows 10 that just like many other options, Microsoft has renamed the “Screen resolution” option to “Display settings”. In short, when you right click on desktop, you’ll see “Display settings” instead of Screen resolution option. This is one of the sign that Microsoft trying to keep all settings and user interface similar on both Desktop OS and Windows mobile. Future of technology is Cloud Technology. In future it may possible you have your computer system in Web cloud and same system can be accessible from your office, home or mobile. That time you won’t get confused with different option for different devices.

How To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10 – Step by step

  1. Right-click in free space on desktop and then click Display settings.
right click and select display setting in windows 10
  1. In the right pane, click on Advanced display settings to view your current screen resolution.
advance display setting in windows 10
  1. Now click on the drop-down button located under Resolution to view all supported resolution settings. Now select one of them, and then click Apply button.
How To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10

Note: We suggest not to change recommended screen resolution unless any high resolution game or software demand it.

  1. Popup windows will appear for 15 seconds to allow you to confirm or revert back the changes. To set the new resolution, simply click Keep changes button and if you find that the new resolution isn’t perfectly fit on your screen, then click Revert button to restore the previous screen resolution.
keep these display setting windows 10

Tips & Tricks: To check your current screen resolution, just visit Surprisingly it will show you the correct screen resolution.


Changing screen resolution as simple as the previous version of Windows. As name of option has been changed, first time users facing challenge to locate that. By reading this post, I hope How To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10 is not a big question for you now. Even if you face any other issue, there are many other ways to get help in Windows 10.

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