Edge Reset Button: Reset Edge Settings In Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced new Internet browser Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 to replace the existing Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is very new competitor for established third party browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Due to this reason, the new web browser Edge from Microsoft is missing many basic features and options.

Microsoft keeps adding new features and options in Edge with every major update to Windows 10. Recently Edge started supporting extensions, and Microsoft has also declared that the Edge will improve web application support when Windows 10 anniversary update will get released this year.

Edge Reset Button to reset Edge browser settings

By bad luck, a malware or possibly undesirable program changed Microsoft Edge’s default settings, there is no simple way to restore Edge settings to their defaults. Manually reset/reinstall would be the way, not all users prefer to use this tedious methods again and again.

One simple and small utility called Edge Reset Button is available to download, which will help you to reset Microsoft Edge settings to default.

Edge Reset Button a little free for personal use utility intended to help users to restore original setting of Edge browser. The initial version of Edge Reset Button resets the home page only, and you can’t use the tool reset other settings of the Edge browser!

With everything taken into account, Edge Reset Button is genuinely valuable tool to reset the home page of the Edge Browser. The tool comes in handy only when a malware or potentially unwanted program has hijacked Edge browser homepage and you’re unable to reset the homepage using the standard method. An option to reset all settings of Edge browser would have made this tool is very handy for all Windows 10 users.

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