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Drivers - special programs that are necessary for the correct interaction of computer devices with the Windows operating system. Read more about DriverUpdaterPro
DriverUpdaterPro - Fix all driver issues automatically

What are the drivers?

Drivers - special programs that are necessary for the correct interaction of computer devices with the Windows operating system. Almost for each device in the Windows system you need to install the driver, and most devices simply can not work without drivers. It is very important that the latest versions of fully compatible drivers are installed for the devices. Otherwise, for example, you can not connect a flash drive, print a quality image on a printer, or watch a video on YouTube without delay and hangups. It is especially important not to have problems with the drivers on computers used for games.

Recently, several system utilities from different manufacturers appeared on the market, designed to solve problems with device drivers for the Windows operating system. Almost all utilities have a similar user interface and differ mainly in the size and relevance of the driver database with which they work. Also these utilities are divided into two classes - some simply offer to download updates for drivers, while others are able to update or install them automatically.

DriverUpdaterPro utility overview for automatic driver update

Today I want to tell you about a program that automatically updates old versions of drivers and installs drivers for those devices for which there is no driver. The program is called DriverUpdaterPro, developed by the American company oTweak Software. More information about the program you can read on the manufacturer's website using this link. The first version of the program was released in 2002 and till the present time the developer periodically releases new versions. For this long time, the program got a few interesting features about which I'll tell later. Also, the algorithm for selecting drivers is constantly being improved. This algorithm is the basis of such programs, on which the quality of its work depends. I can say that not all programs cope well with this task. DriverUpdaterPro was chosen by me because for a long time using this program I almost did not have problems with it.

Downloading and installing the program does not take much time and practically does not differ from the installation of other programs. With a normal connection to the Internet, you need 2-5 minutes. It should be noted that the installation process does not install any other software or toolbars for browsers, which is quite common on the Internet lately.

After installation, DriverUpdaterPro will automatically start and scan the system, having received and processed the list of devices installed in the computer. The developers claim that to analyze the drivers, not only their individual information is used, but also the joint configuration of devices, the manufacturer and model of the computer, as well as its type (desktop, laptop or tablet).

After processing the information and getting the result from the server of the program, you will see a list of problem drivers. For some of them, an older version of the driver is installed and the program will suggest you to install the latest available version. And for those devices for which there is no driver installed at all - the program will suggest you to install it.

All necessary changes DriverUpdaterPro will do automatically after making a backup of the system, which in case of problems will help to return to the original settings.

If you need a driver for a specific device and it is not in the list of found drivers - you can send a request through the form and the support service will add the necessary driver to the database, after this it will automatically be installed.

After drivers updating, the program will monitor the release of drivers new versions for your devices and immediately offer to update them. This function is very useful, because Out-of-date versions of drivers quite strongly affect the performance of the computer for the worse.

Another useful feature of the program is the ability to save backup copies of already installed drivers. This will be useful, for example, if you need to reinstall the Windows operating system and there are no drivers for the device on the disk.

For the unprepared users, DriverUpdaterPro is an irreplaceable tool that will avoid errors when updating drivers. This action requires a certain skill and knowledge. For trained users, the program will be useful to help to monitor the appearance of new versions of drivers in time, which is very important for the functioning of the computer at maximum capabilities.

To try the program and find out if your PC has problems with the drivers - I recommend downloading DriverUpdaterPro from the official site via this link. I hope my review will help you to speed up your computer and avoid problems with it.
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